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Link will send orders from your store directly to us. Link is tag based, when an order is placed on your store you can check to see if it includes any Whites Powersports supplied product and if so tag it. Once tagged the order will automatically be sent to us and we’ll dropship it out to your customer.

Available now for Shopify; NETO coming soon


LiveWire will create, update & remove product on your store based on changes made in our system. New products will automatically be created through API in the matter of minutes, updates to pricing, descriptions, titles, quantities are all managed by LiveWire and when a product is discontinued and reaches the end of its life LiveWire will automatically remove it from your store.

Available now for Shopify; NETO coming soon


Seeker is our parts finder. The Seeker app is fed by your store, pricing, quantities & product titles are all populated from your store. So if you’re running a promotion on a particular part it will display with that correct pricing. Currently only Whites Powersports supplied product will show here but we are working towards allowing users to add their own fitments to the database in the near future.

Available now for Shopify & NETO

If you have any further questions or would like to have any of these three apps installed on your Shopify or NETO store please contact our sales team at: