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Polisport Pro Octane Fuel Can

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Polisport Pro Octane Fuel Can

A fuel cans job is simple and they’re a simple device – until now. Not all fuel cans are made equal and the all-new Polisport Pro-Octane Fuel Can isn’t your run of the mill fuel container, manufactured with an innovative design and excellent life-easing features the Pro-Octane is everything you didn’t know you needed.

Polisport’s Pro-Octane Fuel Can is available in a 10 or 20-litre container with either a quick fill spout or fill hose, providing four options to choose from to suit your personal preferences. Along with your spout or hose the Pro-Octane also includes a leak-proof cap that enhances the fuel cans already incredible leak-proof nature allowing safe and secure transportation. Both the quick fill spout and fill hose are available as spare parts, so you aren’t locked into your first choice if you want to switch it up in the future.

The most noticeable feature of the Pro-Octane is its unique tall-boy shape, a design that allows the perfect placement of the Pro-Octanes dual handles. The combination of its unique shape and double handles enables the fuel can to be easily lifted and held during filling even when full of fuel. The Pro-Octane is manufactured with a high-quality and heavy-duty construction and is homologated to comply with ADR standards which makes it safe and legal to transport your fuel. The walls of the Pro-Octane are durable and resistant which makes Polisport comfortable in offering their 5-year warranty against leaks or cracks.

The Pro-Octane includes two embossed volume scales, one reading as normal up to 10 or 20L depending on the can, while on the next corner the same scale exists but upside down, so you can measure how much fuel is going in, great for topping up the perfect amount of fuel in time conscious situations such as a fuel stop during an Enduro or Cross-Country race. Polisport has also considered the requirements of the 2-stroke enthusiast while designing the Pro-Octane and has included an oil mixer (125ml or 250ml), the oil mixer has 7 different ratios from 1-4% that makes for quick and easy pre-mix preparation, and once mixed an oil/fuel mix gauge on the cap helps you identify if the fuel has been mixed and at what ratio it is at, great if you own multiple smokers with different mixing ratios.

Boasting an impressive 4.4* seconds per litre flow rate the fill hose cap brings premium quick filling features to a conventional hose design. The included tube bender keeps the hose in place and enables you to guide the hose into your fuel tank without taking a hand away from the handles providing an easy lift. The 300mm hose length makes it so you don’t have to reach over the bike with the fuel container when filling, reducing the height the can needs to be lifted creating an easier handling experience. The fill hose is complete with an auto-stop shut-off valve that prevents over filling and unnecessary spills.

For those seeking the fastest and most convenient hassle-free filling we recommend the Pro-Octanes Quick Fill Spout. The Quick Fill Spout provides an incredibly fast pour rate with an average of 2.7* seconds per litre, perfect for Cross-Country or Enduro racing where fuel stops are often required. The Quick Fill Spout has an automatic shut-off valve that prevents over filling and spilling while a locking mechanism prevents spills when not in use. The Pro-Octane is also perfect for the Austrian enthusiast as the Quick Fill Spout is compatible with the special fuel tank design of KTM and Husqvarna while also working perfectly with conventional fuel tanks.

*tested in house, results may vary.

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