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Introducing the ALL-NEW Leatt Velocity 6.5 Goggles!

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Introducing the ALL-NEW Leatt Velocity 6.5 Goggles!

Introducing Leatt’s latest innovation in motorcycle protection, the Leatt 6.5 Velocity goggles. Leatt’s transition into eye protection is a welcomed one boasting a flawless design that includes an OTG (over the glasses) design, super simple lens installation and removal along with a bulletproof military spec lens. The 6.5 Velocity goggles are available in four Iriz (mirrored lens) designs, a further six standard lens designs and two roll-off included designs. If you favour a particular frame design but want a roll-off or Iriz lens for it, don’t panic, all replacement lenses and roll-off kits are compatible with every Leatt goggle, both present and future.

Available in 12 designs and 9 different spare lenses at your local Leatt stockist or online at Bits4Bikes.

The lens surpasses expectations, the 2.7mm bulletproof military spec lens prevents sticks, stones and other debris potentially penetrating the goggles. While the dual-lens design provides a thermal bridge between the warm inside and cold outside of the goggles, combined with the anti-fog polymer of the inner lens the goggles permanently prevent fogging in a variety of conditions. Posts are included as standard on all lens options enabling the use of tear-offs and the widevision 48mm roll-off system. Constructed with a tapered thickness the lens provides great optical correction, allowing you to identify the edge of ruts with ease while a scratch-resistant outer coating ensures the lens maintains a high life expectancy even in the demanding environment of off-road motorcycling.

Innovation doesn’t stop there, the Velocity’s frame has also received its fair share of industry-leading technology. The frame is constructed with a dual-density design allowing the outer frame to retain its shape allowing for quick and easy lens fitting while also keeping the lens fixed upon impact. The inner frame is more flexible which enables the goggle to better replicate your facial structure improving the fit, face and nose sealing and increasing general comfort.

Available separately are three Iriz lenses along with another three standard lenses. The Iriz lenses are available in platinum (Ultra Contrast), purple and bronze while the standard lenses are available in clear, light grey, blue and smoke. Visual Light Transmission (VLT) across the six lens options ranges from 22% to 83% ensuring you have the perfect lens available for every track and weather condition. All Iriz lenses are mirrored to reduce the light transmitted for a more comfortable experience in the brightest conditions, select lenses include Leatts Ultra Contrast technology which defines edges for an incredibly detailed view of the track or trail. An incredible 170-degree field of vision allows for excellent peripheral vision so you can keep your eye on the track and competitors edging up alongside you all at the same time.

The Velocity 6.5s include a triple-layer dual-density foam which is designed to be soft on the face while providing the perfect seal to prevent dust entering the goggles. The excellent foam design also prevents the frame and lens hitting your face upon impact and includes an anti-sweat fleece backing that stops sweat dripping from your forehead down into your eyes.

But wait, there’s more! Along with an innovative frame design, military spec lens, excellent field of view and an impressive range of lenses available the goggles also have dual outriggers with easy release lens capability that improve the goggles fit within your helmet. A 50mm anti-slip strap keeps your goggles in place and won’t slip down and slap the back of your neck while a removable nose guard provides extra protection when wanted. The goggles also take pride in their OTG (over the glasses) design that enables prescription eyewear to be worn while riding, because there’s nothing better at improving your vision than your tailored prescription lenses. The self-draining design provokes water and mud to drain downwards and off the goggles improving vision in unfavourable conditions…

…but if you want the best and clearest vision available when out mud-blasting Leatts widevision 48mm roll-off kit is for you. Two goggles are available including the kit, however, through spare parts the kit can be acquired for and is compatible with any Leatt goggle. The roll-off kit includes oversized canisters that won’t fill before your film has run dry while the electrostatic treated film is non-stick helping to remove dirt and mud while riding. A hydrophobic coating enables the film to slide like hot butter across the lens.

The incorporation of different technologies and lens options along with removable and customisable parts make the Leatt Velocity 6.5 goggles perfect for you whether you’re a motocross master, enduro champion, dual-sport adventurer or weekend warrior. The Velocity 6.5 goggles provide the ultimate eye protection and set the bar of what a premium off-road goggle should include while remaining at an affordable price, goggles from $149.00 with coloured lenses available from $28.00 (clear lens $19.00).

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