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WE Ride — Issue #1: Matthew Reilly

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WE Ride — Issue #1: Matthew Reilly
The team here at Whites Powersports have a healthy passion for powersports, which is why we work here... Most of us are active motorcyclists who love a day in the dirt or on the tarmac — just like you!  

In our new WE Ride (Whites Employees Ride) series, we’re going to share our passion by showing you what we ride, what we wear, and some insight into our life on two wheels. Hopefully WE Ride helps motivate you to get into the shed, get into your gear, and get out and ride! 

So, crack into issue #1 and we’ll see you in the saddle...


What’s your name, what do you ride, and what do you do at Whites? 

Matthew Reilly, 2023 Yamaha XSR700, and I’m our Digital Brand Manager — I work with our dealer network assisting with their online stores. I’m involved with the ongoing development of our B2B websites and have worked in other areas of the business in the past; such as the product data (Product to Web) team.  


How long have you had your bike and what mods have you made to it so far? 

I’ve owned it for four months and fitted a few bits and bobs in that time... 

  1. Bridgestone S22 tyres. 
  2. Oxford Hot Grips.
  3. SP Connect mounts (for phone and radar detector). 
  4. K&N Oil Filter. 
  5. Putoline Sport 4R Engine Oil. 
  6. Kelpi full exhaust system. 
  7. Whites Magnetic Sump Plug. 
  8. Oxford Stand Bobbins. 
  9. Oxford Valve Caps 

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Do you have more plans for your XSR700? 

Selling it! Once I get my full [licence] I'll be upgrading to a Street Triple... just need to decide whether I am going for the R or RS. 

What sort of riding do you enjoy and where do you like to do it? 

It all depends on the day, sometimes I'm just out for a cruise and sometimes I like to hit some twisties and push the capabilities of my little LAMS retro machine.  
I’m particularly fond of a blatt through Scotsman Valley to Matamata, across the Kaimai’s and around through Rotorua and back to home in Hamilton. 


Are there any notable products that you use on the regular to enhance your riding? 

  1. Oxford Helmet and Visor Cleaner.
  2. Sena SRL EXT. 
  3. Oxford Zero G Paddock Stands. 


Tell us a bit about your life on two wheels... 

I come from a family of motorcycle riders so was always destined to get on two wheels, starting when I was just four.  
Up until May of this year, I was only on the dirt, so road riding is a very new venture for me but I’m absolutely loving it so far! 


Tell us about your gear — why you chose it and what you like about it. 

  1. Shoei NXR2 w/ Transitional Visor.
  2.  Argon Descent Jacket w/ D3O Inserts. 
  3. Argon Calibre Pants and Oxford Original Black Jeans 
  4. Gaerne G-Evolution Five Boots and Gaerne Voyager Boots. 
  5. Richa Buster All-Season Gloves.

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Choosing a helmet must have been the most difficult choice of gear. In the end, I went with the NXR2 and couldn't be happier. With the transitional visor, there's no need for the dropdown visor of the other models... it's lightweight, quiet, and extremely comfortable. Couldn't praise it more. 
Everything else does exactly what it needs to, I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the Argon leathers despite being a more entry-level range of apparel. The Gaerne boots never let me down, as you'd expect with a 100% Italian-made brand like Gaerne, and I'm yet to find a brand that makes gloves that have a better fit and feel than Richa.


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  • Levi on

    your set-up looks sick, thanks for sharing

  • Matthew Jones on

    XSR looks awesome Matthew, and I bet you’ll love a Street Triple even more one day.👍

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