SHOEI Premium Helmets NZ

SHOEI - New Zealand's Premium Motorcycle Helmet Brand

Established in 1958 by Japanese founder Eitaro Kamata, the Shoei brand has been dedicated to the development of superior helmet technology since inception. Shoei's first helmets were designed and used exclusively for the racing sector where Shoei soon became the helmet of choice for top racers around the globe. To this day each and every Shoei helmet is designed and manufactured in Japan, a country renowned for quality and pride. In fact each helmet shell is checked and signed off by a Shoei employee, putting their name on the line for its quality. The helmet is then hand painted and assembled ensuring only the highest quality product leaves the factory.

Shoei helmets provide comfort and protection to the everyday rider but they also provide the worlds best riders with that same comfort and protection, take three time MotoGP champion Marc Marquez, and his fellow competitor Bradley Smith.


Shoei X Spirit 3 MotoGP Racing Helmet