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Motobatt - The world’s first and only 4 terminal motorcycle battery. Quadflex Technology

Motobatt is a manufacturer of unique premium Powersports batteries, Battery Chargers and Battery related accessories. Motobatt have been studying the way Powersports batteries are used in today’s marketplace, and have re-invented its products accordingly, where the ‘Triple Threat’ of 1. High Vibration, 2. High starting loads, and now more than ever 3. Additional high powered accessory loads are all very common. Motobatt’s innovative internal “Power Balanced” design has been developed to overcome these problems.  Motobatt’s new Pro Lithium range has changed the battery world and is a ‘must-have’ upgrade to your bike with features such as longer life, drastically lighter weight and faster charging. You want a Motobatt battery in your life.

Motobatt's Range:


Motobatt being a premium Absorbed Glass Mat battery is superior by design. AGM batteries have been used in demanding off-road applications for many years. The sealed, glass mat design has many longevity and reliability based benefits.

Pro Lithium

Motobatt Pro Lithium batteries are just better – period. Around x3 lighter than conventional lead acid batteries, produce greater power and performance, very low idle discharge, high life expectancy, short re-charge time and a great Motobatt feature, Cell Balancing Circuit.


Maintenance-free valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) construction make MF Series Batteries the definitive choice for mobility and home medical equipment (UPS), telecommunications, solar and renewable energy, electronics and security, marine and RV, and utility applications.

Where to buy Motobatt batteries in New Zealand:

Visit your nearest motorcycle store and ask for a Motobatt battery.

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